The Party

AKA “The Infighting Squad”

Party Members
Alvar Enasalin – Dalish rogue, a storyteller who founded a new clan because his old one was dumb.
Astrild Helmi – Warrior-caste dwarven noble, total history nerd and person of mass destruction.
Brinn – Elven warrior, fled Denerim after killing a guy to seek fortune and stabbing things.
Aria Wulff – Human rogue, heiress to the arling of West Hills, a snob but with good intentions at heart.
Eustace Pudge – Human rogue, a stalwart and hearty Fereldan peasant with a background in poaching.
Honora Kaloethes – Human mage, member of a Tevinter noble house come south to research the Darkspawn, not as bad as she could be
Riesa – Elven mage, an escaped Tevinter slave who excels at lighting things on fire, lying, and puns
Talan – Tal Vashoth mage, tragically beautiful and good with a lute. Can apparently heal inanimate objects.

Andruil (Dog) – Alvar’s best friend
Fenharel (Goat) – Alvar’s other best friend and definitely not a demon
Moira (Dog) – Aria Wulff’s mabari warhound

Former Members
Moliriel Ralaferin – Alvar’s cousin, a dalish rogue. She decided to stay with her clan when they reunited with them.
Sulahn (Moli’s dog) – A mabari puppy that Moli lifted wholesale in a market somewhere, everyone was very impressed.

The Party