Clan Enasalin

Founded by Alvar Enasalin after he was kicked out from his birth clan Clan Ralaferin. Mostly made up by screw-ups from other dalish clans.

Alvar Enasalin (The Keeper)
Talan (The Talan)
Riesa (The Riesa)
Dareth Enasalin
Enaste Enasalin (The First)

Former Ralafarin
Samahl/M/(Elder brother to Senna, Underling to Dareth, all smiles, good with money)
Senna/F/(Younger sister to Samahl, Underling to Dareth, all frowns, good with the deathstare)
Awynn/M/Herder (somewhat scared of halla)

Former Evathuri
Alrian/M/Mage (Absolutley Not A Blood Mage™)
Varion/M/Mage (If-I-Were-In-The-Circle-I-Would-Be-Tranquil, generally bad at magic except illusion spells)

Former Sulomnir
Lihra/F/Hunter (Is actually a good hunter, her girlfriend isn’t)
Vehari/F/Hunter (Is actually a good hunter, her sister isn’t)
Iseris/F/Hunter (Is a really really bad hunter)

Former Mahariel
Diriel/F/“Storyteller” (you know people who talk so much and you can’t escape? it’s her)
Lianna/F/Herder (Likes to cloud watch, too much)
Hariel/M/Hunter (ran away with a shem to get married, broke up with shem 2 weeks after marriage)

Former Thanedhul
Saras/M/Warrior (Heard there were free beer and now this is happening I guessss)
Tahorn/M/Craftsman apprentice (didn’t want to get married)

Neren/F/Warrior (falsely accused of murder, this is not her real name)
Lehon/M/“Herbalist” (is he even dalsih? i mean he got the tattoos but..)

Former Qunari

Clan Enasalin