Anora Mac Tir
The party has agreed to help Anora reclaim the throne of Ferelden in exchange for payment and political favor.

The Aban-Ataashi
The party has befriended a crew of Tal-Vashoth pirates privateers, who are willing to give them a lift and maybe go drinking sometime.

Fergus Cousland
The party has secured Fergus’s alliance in the plot against Gisele, but will need to stabilize the situation in Highever before he’s able to do anything else.

Zevran Arainai
After kidnapping him and curing him of blood mage mind control, the party has earned the steadfast friendship of one of Gisele’s former consorts.

The Coram Family
Tagger, Cedra, and Gowen are surface dwarf merchants in Gwaren that went with the party on their Deep Roads adventure and remain friendly. Cedra wants to hear all about their shenanigans and Gowen is worried for his boyfriend Eustace’s safety.
It’s probably safe to assume that their mother would help you out too. We just haven’t met her properly yet.

Clan Enasalin
Alvar has founded a clan, and they may not all be the best or brightest but they will gladly help him in his endeavors.