Elves and Elf Accessories

Lots and lots of stuff happened

A month of hiatus (due to holiday scheduling trouble) and several sessions passed before the GM remembered to update the Adventure Log.

The party arrived in Highever and met up with Clan Ralaferin, where Moli was reunited with her family and Alvar was the same but less happily. He went to find some of his old friends, got drunk while fishing with them, and ended up gathering them together to found a new clan (Enasalin) with himself as Keeper (despite not being a mage). Talan helped. There was an epic raid on the castle to steal recover Sacred Texts from the library.

Meanwhile, while hanging out at the newly-established Dalish library, the party met Morrigan. She was doing research on Eluvians, and as a group (with Zevran) they tried to bait her into acting like a mind-controlled person. Luckily for Morrigan, Gisele hadn’t gotten to her (yet) and she just thought they were kind of crazy.

Barthelas came from Clan Thanedhul on behalf of his father the Keeper, who had heard there were strangers in town that Clan Ralaferin seemed willing to listen to. He asked to speak with them. Honora stayed behind doing research while the others went. On their way to the outskirts of town to meet the Keeper, they ran into Alvar, Talan, and Alvar’s new clan, which was too much for Moli to handle and she fled back to her clan and the reassuring authority of Keeper Neria. (Moli retired as a player character.)

Clan Thanedhul’s keeper, Elrathion, asked the party to help him prevent disaster by convincing the clans to move out of Highever. The political situation was very dangerous, because many humans had been displaced and were massing around Fergus Cousland in preparation for something drastic. To make matters worse, people from the Chantry had been poking around which could only mean holy shit guys there might be an Exalted March. The party immediately latched onto the Fergus Cousland part, and the keeper told them Fergus was in a town called Harper’s Ford. They decided to go and talk to him, fulfilling their mission from Anora and getting a better grasp of the Highever debacle. Barthelas went with them to represent his clan and so he could report back to his father.

They found that Fergus had no desire for further bloodshed, but his hands were mostly tied by obligation to his people (and inability to stop them when they finally decided to take action) and all he’d be able to do is delay the inevitable. The party explained to Fergus about Gisele being a blood mage/abomination and he agreed to join Anora against her, but he would have to deal with the situation in his former teyrnir first and foremost. Unable to leave Harper’s Ford, he sent Aria Wulff (the player character replacing Moli in the party) to act in his stead with his signet ring as a symbol of his allegiance and authority.

The party got drunk at an inn in Harper’s Ford before coming back to Highever, and managed not to get into any brawls that night. Talan and Alvar had a very unfortunate sexual misadventure that has (for the moment) sunk Talan’s chances with him.

While they were there, Jowan literally tripped over Astrild while trying to find them, and was delighted he’d run into the right people. Jowan, now calling himself “Levyn”, had come to town in his continued efforts to help people and do good things to make up for being a terrible blood mage and almost destroying Redcliffe. He’d presented himself to Fergus and Fergus, managing to get the “formerly a blood mage” bit out of him, directed him to link up with the player characters.

Lynund, Jowan’s templar friend/sort of bodyguard to whom he hadn’t explained his intentions, was kind of upset at him for taking a huge risk. At least that worked out okay.

The party, with failmage and failtemplar in tow, went back to Highever. Honora was very upset at them for leaving her behind and possibly getting killed, while also being troubled that such a thing upset her at all. The others caught her up on the situation with Fergus and the clans. As a group, they got to hear Jowan’s sad history and gave him hope that maybe his imprisoned former girlfriend could be rescued one day. (They did this while also teasing him about how Lynund is totally his boyfriend, somehow.) Honora vowed to take him back to Tevinter when this is over.

(Talan got some Dalish romance advice from Barthelas (give him a wolf pelt, it’s tradition!) and tried it on Alvar and it failed miserably. Astrild is considering doing the same for Honora with a nug, maybe.)

Keeper Elrathion accepted the party’s report and they tried to brainstorm a way to get the clans to move. The party has decided that their best chance is to fake the appearance of a Dalish god, which is going to be amazing no matter how it ends. They have the cooperation of a whole clan and several mages, so maybe they can make it work? Aria and Alvar did not get into a fight during this conversation, which was An Accomplishment because of the contentious and obviously polarizing subject matter.

They went to where Alvar’s clan had started setting up camp and began to make preparations when they noticed that his clan’s two non-First mages had disappeared. They assumed (correctly) that they were off banging somewhere. Alvar sent Andruil to find them, but she returned visibly upset and alone. She led them to where the two elves had been detained by Cassandra Pentaghast and the Seekers she was traveling with, because unsupervised mages are bad.

Cassandra’s job was just to investigate the situation so she wasn’t super invested, and because the keeper of the clan had showed up she agreed to release the mages with a warning. The party talked to her about what she was doing here and, upon hearing she was investigating for the Divine, told her that Gisele was a blood mage/abomination. (Honora would’ve liked to be more subtle about it, but Riesa blew the whole thing open with a grin in typical Riesa fashion.) They did not, however, tell her who they were working for. Or that a solid percentage of them were apostates. Or anything else incriminating, luckily. She was eager to hear about this and told them the Divine was sure to act once she heard, though that could give no guarantee of a timetable or secrecy due to Chantry bureaucracy. (And, admittedly, the Divine being hella hella old.)

Cassandra told them they had begun to suspect something was rotten with the queen, and in exchange for an interview with Zevran about it as concrete proof (with her word that they wouldn’t drag him back to Val Royeaux over it) she told the party that now the darkspawn were subdued in Amaranthine, word was that the queen had started digging there. For something. Who even knows.

Honora began to hatch A Plan to use her scholarly credentials to infiltrate Gisele’s operation, but that would of course be after they tried to fake divine intervention in Highever.

Will the party successfully convince the Dalish that the gods want them to go somewhere, anywhere, else? Will it end in fire, tears, and scared halla? Who knows! Find out next time on Dragon Age: Bullshit Edition!


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