Everything is his fault.


AKA “Justin Levyn” to the party. “Just Levyn” to everyone else.

Met the party in Harper’s Ford, where he asked Fergus Cousland if he could help with anything and was shuffled along in their direction.

Jowan has confessed his identity to them, and that he knew Gisele and has some experience with blood magic (though he refuses to perform it anymore). He’s eager to help and will probably screw something up in due time.

He’s being escorted around by a templar named Lynund, who owes Jowan his life and is breaking all kinds of rules.

(The party is CORRECTLY convinced they are an item.)

Honora Kaloethes intends to take Jowan back to Tevinter with her when all of this is over. Look what you southern barbarians have done to this poor boy.


Was involved with a Chantry sister named Lily, who is currently locked up as a result of that being discovered. Kind of torn up about it.

He escaped from the Circle Tower shortly before the battle of Ostagar. He got in even more trouble trying to tutor Arl Eamon’s secretly-a-mage son, but Gisele let him get out of that alive.

Has taken the name “Levyn” and is striving to do good in the world to make up for his mistakes, and is improving his skills as a healer.

He saved Lynund’s life, and now they are bros.