Honora Kaloethes

Our clever but ruthless leader


Female – Tevinter Altus – Mage – 30 years

Honora was the leader of our Deep Roads expedition to Gwaren Thaig, which brought the party together. She remains our de facto authority figure, despite some tension due to her having very typical tevinter magister views of most issues.

Currently oblivious to the stirring affections of Astrild Helmi, despite her thoughtful gift of a shiny rock.

Eustace Pudge is her faithful manservant.


Honora is the third and youngest child of an old and fallen house. House Kaolenthes was once one of the most stalwart of Tevinter nobility; however, a bad business investment in her great-grandfather’s day, followed by a dissolute heir or two and slave rebellion put down with insufficient force cause the mighty House to be sadly reduced. Now the Kaloenthes have little else besides their name and history.

Honora was born and raised in the half-ruined ancestral manor, surrounded by the decaying grandeur of her ancestors’ accomplishments. Her grandmother filled her head with tales of Kaloenthes greatness, and she dreamed from a very young age of restoring her house to glory. An auspicious match with the scion of currently-powerful House seemed like a good first step. She set her sights on the middle son of House Aramis, a handsome if somewhat brainless youth with a very tractable personality. His parents were initially reluctant to consent to the match, but blood does still count for something, and the Kaloenthes bloodline is a fine one.

Unfortunately, one of the conditions of the union was that Honora conceive a child within the first year. She did not, and House Aramis had the marriage annulled on the grounds of Honora’s apparent infertility. Shamed and heartbroken, she left Tevinter on an extended tour of southern Thedas, seeking out new lore and a new way to bring honor to her fallen House.

Honora Kaloethes