Fergus Cousland

Last surviving Cousland


Currently, a plot macguffin. Has given Aria Wulff his official blessing to speak for him.

The party met Fergus at Harper’s Ford, where he’s the reluctant center of a political shitstorm. Fergus is under great pressure from the banns and arls to attack the Dalish and reclaim his teyrnir, but after losing his whole family and the horrors he witnessed during the Blight and Fereldan Civil War, Fergus is too emotionally exhausted and sick of blood to want it.

He would stop the men gathered in Harper’s Ford from moving against the Dalish, but will only be able to stall for so long. Fergus doesn’t want to kill the elves, but is also responsible for protecting the people driven from their homes by Gisele’s decree and his hands are basically tied.

He’s agreed to do what he can to slow down the inevitable and, when this situation has cooled, to help Anora against Gisele. He has not agreed to marry her, which Anora had hoped might help secure her status as best candidate for the throne when Gisele is gone.


His parents, sibling, wife, and son were slaughtered by Arl Howe’s men shortly before the Battle of Ostagar, which he barely survived himself.

To add insult to injury, Queen Gisele has given Highever to The Dalish.
Anora Mac Tir hopes Fergus will ally with her to oppose Gisele.

Though he’s the last survivor of the inheriting line, Fergus’s family is very old and he has all kinds of miscellaneous noble relatives.

Established family:
His aunt is Bann of the Stormcoast

Fergus Cousland