Aria Wulff

sarcastic stuck-up snob with a heart of gold


Female – Fereldan Noble – Rogue (Dual Wield) – 23 years

Less sheltered than the noble girls you’d find in Orlais – or even those Denerim, Aria is nonetheless used to a certain lifestyle and deference, and struggles with the lifestyle of a mercenary living on the road. Although trained with daggers from a young age, she dislikes fighting and prefers diplomacy when possible.


Not long after her father voted against the grey warden and future Queen of Fereldan, Gisele at the landsmeet, he disappeared without a trace and their family’s Arling was stolen by the crown to be gifted to the elves. Suddenly homeless and fearing for their lives, Aria and her younger brother Berchan fled to the Avvar hold where their sister Izot had married the Thane’s nephew.

However, Aria remained troubled by what had happened to her family, and eventually left the safety of Redhold to try and find out what really happened to her father

Aria Wulff