Alvar Enasalin

Diplomatic incident


Male – Dalish Elf – Rogue (Archer) – 24 years

Adorably dimwitted Dalish outcast

The cousin of poor Moliriel

-likes griffons, dragons and halla cause they’re “heroic”
-afraid of cats, sea monsters,
-easily distracted by pretty people (has walked into a lot of trees)
-good at running away from stuff (cats, darkspawn, the keeper..)

ma banal las halamshir var vhen


Devastated by his clan’s master storyteller kicking him out of his apprenticeship for describing Sylaise as “the boring sister”, improving story’s with “irrelevant pladder” and accidentally destroying “priceless” moldy scrolls, Alvar of clan Ralaferin decides to seek his own fortune. This quickly goes to hell as he has never actually left his clan before and his only interaction with non-dalish people were the occasional trader.

Alvar has a soft spot for family and dalish traditions even though he is admittedly very bad at both of these things.

After traveling for a while with infighting squad Alvar returned back to clan ralafarin cause Moliriel had heard they were in trouble and wanted to help them. Back at the clan it is re-affirmed that Alvar is truly an outcast (there wasn’t any doubt Alvar was just denying it). He meets up with his friend Dareth Enasalin and him and some other dalish outcasts goes drunk fishing in the moonlight (romantic). Then with the help of some drunk logic they decide to form a new clan and to steal some artifacts from the old clans to get themselves started. Talan helps. After stealing some more or less ok artifacts (and creating some of his own) Alvar holds a sort of inspiring speech and then declares himself keeper. Somehow manages to convince Enaste Enasalin to become the first of the clan.

Begs Fergus Cousland not to invade and kill any dalish elfs at the same time as he threatens to kill Fergus and any soldiers that attacks the dalish, which sends somewhat mixed signals but well ¯\(ツ)/¯.

Alvar Enasalin