On a Boat

This week, the party made the voyage to Highever from Denerim. They fought a sea serpent and killed the shit out of it, highlights included Astrild jumping down on one of its heads from the ship’s mast and the final cannon shot (a combined effort from Brinn and Riesa) rolling 30 solid damage.

Andruil made her first attack of the game and we were all so proud.

Everyone reached level 3!

Upon landing in Highever, Honora checked for mail from Anora. Anora was very pleased with their progress and also offered Zevran her protection, which he may or may not take her up on depending on how things go.

The party prepared to make their way through Highever to find Fergus Cousland and for the dalish to meet up with their clan again. Alvar in particular is worried about this and has conscripted Talan into being his pretend boyfriend for intimidation purposes.


Zita Zita

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