Prologue: Why Are We Here?

The setup for the first session

Regardless of your reasons, you’ve been in Gwaren for at least a little while. You’ve seen Teyrna Anora return from Denerim with all the cheer of a winter funeral. Politics aside, the city has been very busy repairing damages and trying to clear out the glut of refugees that have been weathering the Blight here.

Not you, though. You’ve found more interesting work. A Tevinter magister came south early in the Blight to study the darkspawn and was stranded here in the chaos. Since, however, she’s found a brilliant opportunity: With the Blight just ended, the upper levels of the Deep Roads are mostly empty of darkspawn. Honora is mounting an expedition, because it’s not just surface dwarves in Kirkwall getting in on that action.

Not only is this an opportunity to collect information about the darkspawn, it’s also a chance to look for an entrance to the long-sealed Gwaren Thaig which (as far as anyone knows) has lain untouched since the Divine age.


Zita Zita

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