Gwaren after the Deep Roads

(Honora was passed out during this due to magic backlash from some botched rolls, ie: her player wasn’t able to attend)

On the road back to Gwaren they were ambushed by hunters from the Dalish Clan Viddaris, who threatened them a bit but ultimately Moli and Alvar managed to defuse the situation. The Viddaris hunters mocked them a little and mentioned that Clan Ralaferin had gone north to Highever.

Upon returning to Gwaren, the party met Shark and Tass as Shark was chasing a human that had stabbed him. The party caught the human, talked Shark down from killing him, and turned him over to the city guard. In doing so, they impressed and befriended the two pirates.

The party went shopping and threw a wild party at the Dog and Barrel. (The most notable purchase was Alvar buying a goat, which he is trying to attack train.) Highlights include an epic drinking contest that came down to the wire with Alvar just barely beating Talan, skinnydipping in the harbor where Eustace outswam a pirate from the Aban-Ataashi, and various party members getting laid. (Eustace and Gowen were just awkward and adorable and Gowen worried a lot about him swimming in the cold harbor.)

The next day, Honora woke up. While the party interrogated the man they’d met yesterday and found he was trying to earn money from qunari horn smugglers, Honora received summons from Anora Mac Tir.

Anora spoke with the party and, with some shrewd maneuvering by Honora, they came to an agreement that the party would work for her in exchange for political favor to Honora’s family and for pay for their work. Anora seeks to overthrow Queen Gisele, and is sending the party north to monitor the situation in Highever and to recover Fergus Cousland.

The party decided that they would first go to Denerim to figure out what the deal was with qunari horn smuggling as a favor to their new pirate friends, and in exchange The Aban-Ataashi’s crew gave them free passage.


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