Achievement Unlocked: A Bird In The Hand

In which the party rescued Zevran

Bringing Zevran back to the ship, the party assured Peregrine that they weren’t actually bringing a homicide investigation down on the Ataashi. Eustace tied Zevran up with his +1 rope of good tying, then Honora had a look at him. Based on her experience with such spells in Tevinter she could easily identify the signs of blood magic compulsion, but undoing the spell required more blood magic. (She would have kept that quiet if Riesa hadn’t also figured that much and oh-so-casually mentioned it as loud as possible.) Honora used her own blood to break the hold on Zevran and he recovered his faculties.

It ended up being the friendliest possible kidnapping. With assurance that he wasn’t about to be killed and patience with his magic-addled memory, the party got Zevran to divulge that he’d had some kind of personal disagreement with Gisele just after the defeat of the Archdemon and she must have ensnared his mind then. He’s been under the spell for several months and his memory of this time is hazy. Regaining his free will and discovering how Gisele had betrayed him shook Zevran badly, and the party was kind to him. (And flirty. Because Moli and Alvar.)

Zevran admitted that, at first, he’d been suspicious about how conveniently Gisele had always found perfect, even impossible solutions to the problem they faced during the Blight, but he had stopped wondering as he came to trust her. Now that trust is gone and Zevran is in danger should Gisele discover he’s been freed. Given his options, he’s chosen to help the party out. Whether that will be by returning to Gisele’s side and risking himself to feign compulsion or by doing what he can while on the run remains to be decided. Luckily, according to Talan‘s history of reading (probably tevinter romances), it’s unlikely Gisele knows that the spell has been broken so he has some time before his absence is noticed. Overall, he’s pretty torn up over the whole thing. He hasn’t admitted it to the party but it’s plain OOC knowledge that he was honestly in love with Gisele and believed in her.

Zevran also confirmed what the party had heard in rumor: that Gisele is doing something in Amaranthine about Darkspawn that are still on the surface.

After Zevran crashed, considering it was dark out and he’d had a long day, Honora (with Alvar’s help) arranged a coded message to be sent back to Anora in Gwaren describing this new information and confirming they’d had the most productive layover ever.

Astrild brought Honora some red meat to help her recover from the use of blood magic, and they talked in private (with several other pcs eavesdropping and gossiping, of course) about the earlier awkward situation, and in doing so created a brand new awkward situation. They established mutual respect and a desire to be friends despite misunderstandings or discomfort, and had a handshake that lasted just a little too long. Is this the first step on the road to Honora accepting her feelings toward another woman? That remains to be seen!

Meanwhile, Astrild plans to put feelers out as soon as possible about returning to Orzammar. Astrild has had a very, very hard day.

What will become of the party OTP? What will they find in Highever? What kind of shenanigans can the team get up to on a boat with Zevran Arainai for a week? And, most importantly, will Alvar’s goat ever become a warrior?

These answers and more lie in the future on Dragon Age: Bullshit Edition!


Zita Zita

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